[Review] “Crazy” by TEEN TOP – TESTAMENTVM Remix

via KpopRemix

Six member boy band, TEEN TOP, have been keeping busy lately by gallivanting about to their latest single, “Crazy” off their 2012 comeback mini-album, “It’s” - check it out!

Recently, rookie remixer TESTAMENTVM took a stab at reinterpreting the Brave Brothers creation, turning what was once a jittery electronic track to a mellowed out house ditty.

Unlike the fast pulse of the original, TESTAMENTVM took the liberty of slowing the thing down a notch, style-wise. TEEN TOP’s “Crazy” is hectic by definition, but to me (and probably TESTAMENTVM too) there were moments (like the pre-chorus/chorus transitions) that could have benefited from a bit of breathing room, if not in the vocals, at least in the instrumental.

“Crazy” is one ginormous wall of sound that hits you all at once and while that has an appealing effect as a catchy earworm/dance track, it sacrifices the finer details that would otherwise bring great color to the song. In a quick exchange of emails with TESTAMENTVM, she summed it up this way:

“…when I was listening to the song, I felt like Brave Bros gave the song ‘roids in the sense that there was literally no development…he just dropped the hook on us immediately and had us sit tight with the same hook for the rest of the 3+ minutes of the song.”

To remedy the jitters, TESTAMENTVM’s remix reduces the amount of bass and staccato by opting for a lot more space, heaps of arpeggiation and whirling synths. The end product is a free-spirited remix that builds and unfolds in all the right places without really losing that original cray-cray factor (thanks to the vocals).

This take on “Crazy” is a great sophomore effort by TESTAMENTVM, who shows promise as a remixer. All it needs is a bit more clarity in the vocals, a little more kick in the bass and a final mastering to tie it together.


For more info about TESTAMENTVM, check out her webpage - http://bit.ly/w1Q85l
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Af00Jb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/xn7yj9

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