[Full MV] “First Love’s Diary” by Acoustic Collabo feat. Star Love Fish

Acoustic Collabo has been reviewed here before by the wonderful Drowningn00b, who raved like crazy and gave them a near perfect score for their earlier work this year.

‘Love Letter’ by Acoustic Collabo review

Today, the duo is back with ‘First love Project‘ Part 2 (go request it for review!), as well as a mini-drama music video for their recent single, “First Love’s Diary“.

It’s a pretty cute MV, I must say, and the music is utilized in very subtle ways, which I really liked. I hope somebody subs it, by the way, because I really want to understand what I’m watching. I know, I’m such a Hangeul noob /for shame.

Check it out above!

‘First Love Project’ Part 2 tracklist:

1. “첫사랑 보관소”
2. “First Love’s Diary”
3. “첫사랑의 그리움”
4. “사랑을 놓치다”

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