[Review] [Mini-Album] NU’EST – ‘Hello’

[Review] [Mini-Album] NU’EST – ‘Hello’

written by: MystifiedBulb The second album always proves to be difficult. The real problem is in terms of definition: is it best to follow the musical direction carved by the first production or is it in the artists’ (and therefore, their respective entertainment company’s) best intentions to move into a new genre? Obviously, NU’EST are … Continue reading

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[Review] [Mini-Album] G-Dragon – “One of a Kind”

written by: drowningn00b Before anything, I just have to say that YG Entertainment’s idol work has been a poor excuse for “hip-hop”. With heavy emphasis on electro-pop for SE7EN, 2NE1 and Big Bang, I realized I needed to look elsewhere. Since the GD&TOP EP two years ago, Tablo’s ‘Fever’s End‘ was the one legit hip-hop … Continue reading