[Review] [Single] BoA – “Disturbance”

[Review] [Single] BoA – “Disturbance”

written by: MystifiedBulb Created as a special release for her upcoming tour, BoA‘s latest digital single entitled “Disturbance” perhaps bucks a trend seen in SM Entertainment‘s productions. This is due to the fact that BoA not only wrote the track in question but also produced it – these two concepts are not seen often in … Continue reading

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[Full MV] BoA Releases “The Shadow” MV, May or May Not Have Hijacked EXO’s “MAMA” Set

Unlike a certain writer on McRoth’s Residence, I was quite intrigued by BoA‘s new album, and this song in particular is one of my favorites on the album. The song isn’t amazing or anything, but within the scope of the album, it’s a keeper. I dunno, BoA’s music just seems so effortless to me this … Continue reading